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E. Diehl SFT The only thing I like better than eating tacos in cars is Duffy's beer selection.  9/6/2018 
Sara Jageman White Oak I love this place! Every time I come to this store I find something awesome. Excellent selection. You guy should expand and have even more awesome locations in the Pittsburgh area. 7/12/2018 
Razor Pittsburgh Great job! Always has a good price on Yuengling, thanks 6/26/2018 
Hops McBarley Lagertown How dare anyone besmirch and disparage Duffy's good name. You will not get ripped off at their establishment.  6/2/2018 
Dep. B. Fife Mayberry Many a night Otis tells me he has enjoyed your selection. 4/7/2018 
Mel Sharples Phoenix, AZ Alice, Vera and I enjoy the extensive snack choices.  12/28/2017 
Zupan Monessen We lneed be Stoney's!!!! Get some stones 😎😎😎 12/11/2017 
Tim Taylor Detroit  Should call the place Beer Time.  11/25/2017 
Sam Malone Boston Love the selection. Their beers sell better than my establishment's Screaming Viking.  11/11/2017 
Janet Wood San Diego, CA Chrissy and I love to visit when we are in town. 10/27/2017 
S. Plisken New York I'd escape from New York to get your beer selection.  7/2/2017 
Ryan Stewart Monongahela PA Duffy's is a paradise. They're only missing one beer. Call up Miller and bring Schlitz back to Pennsylvania, please. 5/11/2017 
Brian Torr Pittsburgh Growler Filling, Awesome beer sales, what a selection. This place is the Heaven of Beers! I love this place. 5/4/2017 
Meredith Worrall  Whitehall PA  The new set up with the single/six packs is amazing. The Crowlers are great especially the 1$ Crowlers! Cant pass those up. My hubby and I love to come here!  5/1/2017 
smitty castle shannon Dudes really is there any where else too go 2/18/2017 
cliff ziegler pgh 15227 pa  very well placemnent of beer and other products 12/23/2016 
Randall Hall Connellsville Love your store. Under your beers list I don't see Penn Style Light 30 pk. I know you sell it. 11/10/2016 
Peter Venkman New York Dana Barrett and I love your store.  7/19/2016 
sean driscoll jefferson fantastic place great prices I always stop when I'm passing through pittsburgh 7/3/2016 
Mark ODonnell West MIfflin I wish I could live at Duffy's. I would spend most of my time in the snack isle eating pocket! Then I would just lay in the cooler and drink beer. 5/15/2016 
Dennis Nedry Isla Nublar I'd fight a dinosaur to get to Duffy's. 3/31/2016 
Newton Crosby Pittsburgh Number Five loves your selection 3/29/2016 
Klookies Coal Center Great selection 3/29/2016 
mike Baldwin Mike I will be stopping by to stock up for hunting season.  11/20/2015 
Becky Elizabeth Do you sell ginger beer? Regular and sugar free?  11/3/2015 
Clark smith Castle shannon Your place is the boom never seen anything like it 10/4/2015 
Tori Dedig Great beer selection here! good pick dylan. we drink beer a lot me and dylan. 9/16/2015 
Bob Monk Dauphin, PA Go Steelers!! 1/2/2015 
Kent Whitehall Great selection - great people to help - miss Nick! 8/27/2014 
Ron Peters Township Great selection, prices can't be beat. Glad he opened I have been a satisfied customer since he opened.  8/13/2014 
wes morgantown, WV I just stopped in to visit a friend living in the residences just above your shop there...amazing -- we have Sams Club but not a crazy beer and soda pop warehouse -- spent a while and got a case of Moosehead -- went to the brewery there in St. Brunswick, Canada years ago -- wish I had more time...amazing selections from all over the world. Can you do a check for is for Polish beer one is called Tyskie, WARKA:STRONG, Lech, and Zywiec Do you mail? WES 6/3/2014 
Mark Pittsburgh  Any possibility of getting KCCO larger beer from registration brewery?  2/4/2014 
R. Duffy Springfield, Il Wow! Great selection. I'm definitely stopping when I come through town. 2/4/2014 
kelly Glassport It is great that you have two if by tea iced tea! I hope you get the blueberry in! I have always wanted to try it! Also, awesome prices and selection on beer! 1/11/2014 
kelly south hills Duffys. 4 life 12/14/2013 
jerry west alex sure do miss the founders selection 10/4/2013 
fuzzy potter county Awesome place...Hope to find my way back there again 6/21/2013 
Jeffrey Jones Finleyville, Pa Great selection of BEERS! 6/21/2013 
Jerry West Alex its a bummer you cut off Founders beers 6/7/2013 
Sam Jeannette Beer heaven. It's like a Sam's Club for beer 6/1/2013 
robin ziegler whitehall  great place for selection beer in pittsburgh 4/26/2013 
cliff ziegler whitehall best beer and mix selection in area 4/26/2013 
Melissa South Park My husband enjoys your selection of non-alcoholic beer. Ever think of a local delivery service for those whose cars are broken down in the garage (or any reason people would require delivery)? 1/18/2013 
Bob North Versailles I drive from North Versailles to shop at your store because of the great prices. However I went there for two different taste testings (December 22nd & December 23rd) that were advertised on your website but there was nothing for Beers of Belgiam or Sammy Adams.  12/26/2012 
Mike Guzel SR.  Baldwin Super friendly employees. It's not just a job to them. It seems like they all have a stake in the success of store. 12/3/2012 
Mark Pleasant Hills When at Duffy's I am like a kid in a candy store. Always hard to leave, love the craft beers. 11/26/2012 
kathy pittsburgh I love ur staff their so helpful & friendly... Brian H. is so sexy i could just eat him up! 11/13/2012 
Gary Garland,tx Hey George.  10/30/2012 
Babette Whitehall Love to go and check out all the different beers, always tring something new. 10/30/2012 
Aaron Seneca Awesome place! I could spend hours in there!  10/19/2012 
mark arlington 36 miller lights 20.99,you guys dont't want me to stay away! what a great deal. keep em comin!!!!! 10/15/2012 
Bryan P.Hills Any time is a better time, after the good time at Duffy's! 9/16/2012 
Dave Carrick (PGH) I will not by Beer anywhere else! Duffy's IS the BEST! Keep on doing what you do so well!! 9/8/2012 
Richie Baldwin I just moved in a block away . . . pleasantly surprised at the beer store I am now neighbors with. Looking forward to seeing you again!  8/20/2012 
Ben Kittanning Just great!!!! I've never seen a better place to buy beer. Love the selection and the prices.  8/10/2012 
Michael J. Glassport Just want to say,great beer distibutor,everything you need and want ,all in the same distributor,and then some. The prices are fantastic,very affordable,and all of your party needs at great prices.Thankyou so much for being here...P.S. Great staff as well...Can't find a better distributor anywhere,again,Thankyou Duffy's... 6/29/2012 
Jerry T. Bethel Park Always a great selection and great prices. Nice to go to a beer distributor where you can shop without someone constantly wanting to "help you find something" AWESOME. 6/22/2012 
Jay Pershing Cambridge ,OH Just wanted to say HI! great place and great people....  4/26/2012 
walt sokol the Burg always a great place for beer 4/13/2012 
carl yukon cant beat your prices.  4/13/2012 
r. lemaster baldwin i spend thousands in your store 3/25/2012 
Glen Jefferson Hills Just left after helping take down decorations. Great prices friendly people. Still want those Guinness Barrels though. 3/17/2012 
michelle Pleasant hills Omg Duffs the best!!! esp the one checkout guy.. does anyone know his name???? hes so cute my daughter is in love w/ him  3/5/2012 
mark arlington great place! one stop shop. 2/23/2012 
Sue West Mifflin Only place for me to purchase my Alcoholic Beverages. Great selection and friendly staff !!!! 2/21/2012 
Scott South Park Great prices and great specials. Duffy's is the best. 2/3/2012 
Kenny BAuer Charlotte, NC I come to Pittsburgh 4 times a year, formerly of Brentwood,,,and always by my beer at your is the best....have to get up for beer sampling, Kenny. Bauer. 1/20/2012 
Randy Baldwin I've been in and out of the local betty ford clinic 10 times thanks to duffys 11/17/2011 
Joe West Mifflin Yo Duff just wondering if you'll be carrying Erie Brewing Co. Ol Red Cease and Desist Seasonal Beer? 10/27/2011 
Kent Whitehall Great place and prices .Weekly specials and samples if you cant find it they dont make it anymore.a must visit place for new customers. 10/15/2011 
sam liberty boro great prices 9/1/2011 
mike  McKeeesport Whats the deal? Everything at Duffy's is a deal. 8/26/2011 
Keith G. Liberty Boro Love It,Love It,Love It!!!! Great selection and I like how there is prices on everything there`s no more asking what things cost as in lesser distributers.  7/7/2011 
Ron n charleroi great prices,great web site! 6/25/2011 
Kenneth S. South Side (Pittsburgh) Best beer store in "DA BURGH!!!!"  6/23/2011 
Doug PH / now W. Mifflin Known Duffy since he ran his biz out of a hole in the wall I think is now Collin's Appliance. Friends of Gildea's and Volpe's I always take my biz there. Great staff too! 6/20/2011 
Scott Jefferson Hills I always enjoy your selection. Please keep it up. 5/28/2011 
Nicholas Leive West Mifflin Pretty women make us BUY beer. Ugly women make us DRINK beer. I LOVE DUFF!!!! 5/23/2011 
Dave Elizabeth Twp. Great Bier, love the the special's 5/21/2011 
Dan Baldwin Boro Best selection, best prices, I love Duffy's 5/19/2011 
Blues Man Bethel Park Duffy's is a great place for all your hard to find brews and the prices are reasonable as well. The manager, Mike is very personable and will do everything to satisfy your shopping experience. 5/6/2011 
Bubby Butler Great place to get my beer when I'm back home... 5/5/2011 
Ashley Baldwin Boro Duffy's is the best :) They always have the best selection! 4/29/2011 
Walt USC While the prices and selections are great reasons to patronize Duffy's, the people (esp. manager Mike) makes this The Best place in Pgh to buy all your case drinks.  4/27/2011 
Mike Mac Belle Vernon The Fort 4/22/2011 
Bob Whitehall Duffys is da bomb. cheap beer and great service. 4/12/2011 
marek n huntingdon always a good special! 4/3/2011 
bill baldwin twp the best place & the best price 3/3/2011 
Kip West Mifflin Nothing but the best 2/26/2011 
Jeff McMurray I Love Duffy' kids say it's my favorite place to shop. Gott a question for everyone. Does anyone know where I can find Presidente Beer from the Dominican? 2/25/2011 
Mark Somerset Only place to shop for BEER. I stop any time I'am in da Burg. 2/20/2011 
Rusty Toronto ,Canada Any place this friendly that sells beer, is good 2/16/2011 
George Koontz Pittsburgh Been going to Duffy's for about 20 years. Always the best price and always a helpful employee to be found. In store specials are great and a massive beer selection. If you can't find it here, you're not looking hard enough!!! 2/4/2011 
Colleen Baldwin Thanks Mike for getting the Faygo diet red pop!!! Now that I have my diet red pop, I can save calories for more beer. Ha! Also, that McSorley's dark lager that was on sale was awesome!  2/3/2011 
Brent Pittsburgh My favorite beer store in the world  1/21/2011 
Maria Venetia The best place to buy beer in the burgh! Cheapest prices, awesome selection and great staff. Totally in love with the BLOW OUT Specials! Gives us a chance to try out beers that we wouldn't normally buy. Also, won an amazing corn hole game from one of the contests. We never win anything! :) LOVE DUFFY'S!! 1/17/2011 
Tim Pleasant Hills The place is very large. They have Beer, pop/soda, candy, cups, nuts, etc.. The fridge is very large. You can pretty much find anything cold in the fridge. They charge $.25 for cold beer, i assume to cover the cost of the fridge. Totally ok with this, especially with how large it is. I went there to get some beer for the Steelers/Ravens game, and they had 3-4 registers open, so there was no line at all. 1/16/2011 
Cathy Pleasant Hills Duffy's is awesome!!! Great prices & location!! Thanks for the fantastic full size grill I won from this site and to the friend that told me about the site!!!!Merry Christmas to us!!!! 1/12/2011 
Andy Shissler Whitehall Enjoying my full sized hockey net! Me and the kids were playing out in the driveway. Fun contests! Great prizes! Great Store! Thanks for the prize and keep up the good work! 1/12/2011 
Todd Baldwin I don't know if there could be a better distributor out there. 1/4/2011 
sue m whitehall great store, great prices, great employees, great website THANKS 1/1/2011 
Debbie Baldwin Duffys is the only place for beer. Employees are always very friendly and helpful.  12/31/2010 
HO HO HO North Pole Happy Holidays to all the great people @ Duffy's !!! 12/25/2010 
Diablo Pleasant Hills Great beer selection, great prices, excellent staff. There is no Pokemon Ride, but the chip selection makes up for that. 12/24/2010 
Dave T Jefferson Hills Great selcetion Great prices Kick ass staff 12/21/2010 
Timber west mifflin great selection, great customer service. MY BEER STORE! 12/18/2010 
Mark Baldwin I've been a fan since 1981 when I moved here from the Southside. I remember the old place and it was the treatment by Duff himself back then that won me over. Since the move to the Beer "Warehouse" Duffy's has increased his staff over the years and ALL of them have been GREAT !! Keep it up !! 12/11/2010 
John S Lorain Oh Great Selection,Great Price's always picks up 5-10 case's when in the area. Wish there was 1 around here.Nice staff clean store and the price's what more can You ask for 12/10/2010 
Nick Bucsok Pleasant Hills The people who work here are the reason i've been shopping here for 12 years straight. Good Job! 12/10/2010 
Ed Haubrick West Mifflin Guys, Nice job on the web site! 12/4/2010 
Woody Baldwin I have an absolute drinking problem. Duffys is the place for me. 12/4/2010 
Nancy Whitehall Awesome website. I am sure it will help spread the word about one of the best stores in the South Hills. This store is GREAT. It has fantastic prices, staff and deals. 12/3/2010 
jim baldwin I have shopped here for years and always find the best deals  11/24/2010 
Matt Pleasant Hills Great prices, great selection, great hours! Need I say more? 11/18/2010 
Bob Whitehall When I would come to Pittsburgh from the D.C. area I would always stop at Duffy's to stock up. The prices were and are great. I took so much beer back it was like driving up hill all the way. Don't buy so much at one time any more but I get to come by more often. Duffy's, one of the benefits of moving to Pittsburgh. Still don't like all the snow though. 11/16/2010 
Wayne West Mifflin Great beer selection, always stocked with my favorites, and can't beat the prices. I'll choose Duffy's any day of the week.  11/15/2010 
amra pittsburgh love everything about duffy, from beer to mikes hard lemonade to pretzels.... love it 11/15/2010 
Tracey Baldwin A+ 11/14/2010 
Jen Ohio I cherish the memories I have of my Dad taking me to Duffy's as a kid and letting us go in the Cold Room. I cannot wait to do the same with my children. This store and it's people NEVER disappoint! A trip home to the Burgh is never complete without a stop at Duffy's!  11/14/2010 
Darlene Baldwin Have always shopped at Duffy"s Love it 11/14/2010 
McKeesprt chips 5 for a dollar WHAT!  11/12/2010 
rochelle and jim monongahela  love duffs and their prices :) 11/12/2010 
mike the burgh guys, website great and so is checkout person BRYAN. i was there today 11-12 and he was the MOST helpful employee you have. get more like him! ps i haven't even started drinking yet 11/12/2010 
Tom West Mifflin Huge Selection + Prices + Staff = Repeat Customer! 11/12/2010 
Zeke Bethel Park The only place I shop for beer. It's because of the people, the great selection, and the prices. Keep the specials coming! 11/12/2010 
Debbie West Mifflin I shop Duffy's at least once a week! Great selection & prices! The employees are awesome!  11/12/2010 
Gail Mt Washington Its about time for the web site. Great idea, Mike. Makes it much easier to find out whats on sale. The store is great but the employees make it that way. 11/12/2010 
Chip West Mifflin Nice web site... very eye catching, informative and easy to navigate. Reflects the kind of quality you would expect from Duffy and his employees. I'll be up today to visit Mike and shop for a high quality micro brew at a reasonable price. 11/12/2010 
Tim Bethel Park Great prices and huge selection! Staff is fun, friendly and most importantly - helpful! 11/12/2010 
Mike  Munhall Great selection! Very friendly staff!! 11/12/2010 
Ron Cherevka Jefferson Hills, Pa. Great selections and prices plus a staff that is friendly and helpful. 11/12/2010 
Andy Shissler Whitehall Worth the drive even though there are 2 closer beer stores to me. Warehouse selection with small store service. - Cashiers are almost ALWAYS nice. Dude with the pierced eyebrow is a cool guy. - don't change a thing (except getting your land lords to turn the damn lights on when it's dark in the parking lot.) 11/12/2010 
Wayne Peters Large selection and always stocked. Best prices. 11/12/2010 
Paul   Whitehall Duffy, you are the GREATEST !!!! 11/12/2010 
Jeff  Pleasant Hills Long time customer. You have a great beer selection and prices to match. In addition, your employees are polite and helpful even when us old codgers have problems using our credit cards.  11/12/2010 
Steve West Mifflin You always have my favorite brews at good prices. 11/12/2010 
Greg Baldwin Faithful customer since 1986 11/11/2010 
Joe Jefferson Hills This place is awsome, great prices and great selection...keep up the great work... 11/11/2010 
Ryan Pleasant Hills Duffy's has the best selection and prices around. I always look forward to your seasonal section. I consider Duffy;s my church, I go there at least once a week. Keep up the good work! 11/11/2010 
Dave Massillon, OH I’m in the military and move around a bit, when I moved to PA I had to acclimate myself to the beer buying protocols. Prior to discovering Duffy’s I was hating the PA’s beer purchasing policies and I found that most places jack up their beer prices just because you have to purchases through a beer distributor. As an avid beer drinker I was left broken hearted, depressed, and moneyless. Then I discovered the holy grail of beer stores, Duffy’s. Wow, this place is awesome, great prices, and an awesome staff. You have returned the joy of drinking beer back to me without breaking the bank, Thank you Duffy’s, Thank You. 11/11/2010 
Tim Baldwin Great variety. 11/11/2010 
Margaret Elizabeth twp Great specials  11/11/2010 
Charlie Whitehall Great store and best customer service of any beer store. 11/11/2010 
Mary Ann Schaefer Bethel Park The store is great. Huge selection of beer at good prices. On top of that there are always great buys on snacks and suck. The staff is really nice and helpful.  11/11/2010 
matthew pgh, pa I love the new variety of craft beers 11/11/2010 
Amy South Park Best Prices! 11/11/2010 
jessica  baldwin boro we stop by duffys almost every night for cigattes they got the best prices in town 11/11/2010 
Deb Clairton We have shopped at Duffy's for years- you can't beat their prices or selection. I like getting the e-mails with the specials. 11/11/2010 
Mark  South Park Best prices around 11/11/2010 
nicholas bucsok pleasant hills i shop your store every saturday. your employees are great!  11/11/2010 
Buster D. Og Appling Do yall deliver south of the Dixon Mason line? Cause where fixin to have a family reunion and paw says I gotta gud chance at meetin a nice gurl if i have enuff beer and shine. Youse guys got better prices than wally world and sammys so i should be able to get at least a furst cousin and have few extra dollars for a room at the motel 6. 11/4/2010 
J. Rock South Hills U guys are the best when it comes to selction and pricing. And, Everyone that works there is so cool. You website BLOWS. How about a selection of beers to look at online!! 11/3/2010 
Jay South Hills This place is the best place to by beer in the Pittsburgh area. They have the greatest selection and if you ever want something special they can get it for you. when compared to my neighborhood distributor they are sometimes $5 cheaper per case. Hey guys keep up the great work, this site is great! 10/28/2010 
Scott Baldwin Great deals and selection! 10/28/2010 
Bob Baldwin Best place to buy beer in the South Hills  10/28/2010 
paul finleyville Best prices and selection in Pittsburgh 10/28/2010 
Tom Whitehall Great Prices,Great stock and really great staff. 10/28/2010 
Jim Pleasant Hills Great prices, especially the specials! 10/28/2010 
Scott Pittsburgh great prices, selection, and PEOPLE! 10/27/2010